Friday, August 22, 2014

Baseball Tutorial: How to Calculate Statistics

   Hello sports fans! The majority of fans seem to not know how to calculate certain baseball statistics you see on the back of a baseball card. Therefore, today I will be teaching you how to calculate WHIP ( Walks, hits, innings pitched ), ERA (Earned Run Average), and the simple batting average of a position player.
                                                                  Let us get started!

        Walks, plus --> Hits, per ---> Innings Pitched = The W-H-IP
Calculate WHIP:   The amount of walks plus hits the pitcher has given up, over
                               The amount of innings the pitcher has pitched

     Earned- Run- Average = ERA
Calculate ERA: Take the number of earned runs the pitcher has given up and divide that number by the amount of innings the pitcher has pitched. After you have calculated that, multiply your result by nine.
Example: ( Not actual statistic of Tyson Ross )  Tyson Ross has given up 20 earned runs over 100 innings pitched so far this season.
                         20 divided by 100 = 0.2, then multiply 0.2 by 9 which is equivalent to 1.80, a magnificent ERA.

Batting Average
      Calculate Batting Average: Let us say that Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Ben Revere had 175 hits out of 629 at-bats. To calculate Ben Revere's batting average, simply divide the number of hits, by the number of at-bats.
Revere's average would be about .278, a solid batting average in the major leagues.

 I hope this has helped with your calculations!

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