Saturday, January 31, 2015

Phil Deal the Phading Marlon Byrd to Cincinnatti

   Marlon Byrd is officially a Cincinnati Red. The aging right - fielder gave Philadelphia a good season; however, many Philly Phans could have predicted this to happen once they sign Marlon to an atrocious deal. The two teams receive what they want. Philadelphia receives a young, talented pitcher, Ben Lively, a fourth round pick, while decreasing in age. Cincinnati receives a nice right - fielder or utility man who can platoon nicely in their outfield.

  Grade : B+

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Luxery Lefties

    Heading the free agent market in the starting pitching category is none other than former Red Sox and Oakland Athletic Jon Lester. Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies is also said to have his name mentioned multiple times in trade talk. These two lefties symbolize one thing: Domination. Throughout their careers ( So far ), Lester and Hamels have been classified as aces of their rotation and the blackjack pitchers of baseball. Lester has arguably a better career overall than Hamels, recording multiple All-Star appearances and a few World Series rings.

    Hamels has been overshadowed by the regular season record of the Phillies these past seasons and the lack of run support. Although, Hamels is still under contract for a few more years, the Chicago Cubs have apparently shown strong and serious interest in the lefty. The Philadelphia Phillies have not been the same since 2009, the year they lost in the World Series to the New York Yankees. Their farm system lacks in depth, development, and performance, they had a managerial issue in the past year and many players have walked away from the club in spite of playing on a better, contending team. The Chicago Cubs have just what the Phillies want, an array of talented prospects, pitching depth and solid minor-league players who have been consistent throughout their playing years.

   Jon Lester is another story; In 2014, Lester, among with Johnny Gomes was traded to the Oakland Athletics for powerful hitter and overall solid player Yoenis Cespedes. Lester, unsatisfied at how the playoffs went for his new team is rumored to not want to return to Oakland for another year or for many years to come. Reportedly, over ten teams have contacted Lester's agent about the potential of signing him. The Red Sox, Yankees, Oakland, Kansas City, San Franciso, Atlanta, and the Chicago Cubs have shown an above average of interest so far in the off-season,

   These luxery lefties could find themselves in a new home either in 2014 or 2015, so do not be surprised if a transaction is made.

Ike to the Mic: Ike Davis to Oakland

    Former Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Ike Davis has reportedly been traded to the Oakland Athletics in a deal that first occurred on November 23rd. The Oakland Athletics now have a starting first baseman, if Ike Davis continues to remain healthy. The full deal was Ike Davis and International Bonus Slot 86 from the Pirates for International Bonus Slot 27. Although the deal was not exactly on the radar by popular websites, many scouts, and general managers knew that Ike would be traded during the off-season.

     The trade seems to be fair, as Oakland received some offense and the Pirates received a top of the line International Bonus Slot. Ike Davis has enjoyed a muffled career, where he either has been as hot as the sun or as cold as ice. Before he was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates this past season, he hit just a hair over .200. However, in a new environment after his departure from the NY Mets, he hit .235, with the Pirates. An accomplishment he said was due to the help of the Pirate's hitting coach and adjustments in his batting stance.

     Ike has proved to be a steady, under the radar player, that's what gives him his motivation for his career. By adapting to a new environment with well known coaches, he will fit in just fine with the Oakland Athletics in 2015!

USNA Baseball Takes Over the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Ceremony

 The United States Naval Academy's baseball team was given the chance to volunteer at the annual Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Ceremony, on November 5th, in Washington D.C. 28 players and staff attended the ceremony, where they were received with praise and respect from spectators and others in the room.

The award ceremony was created in 2013 by the United States Navy, Major League Baseball, and the Baseball Hall of Fame. The award ceremony goes out to three deserving recipients every year, one MLB player, one Navy Chief Petty Officer and once dead or alive baseball hall of famer.

   Midshipmen were even given the opportunity to talk and sit next to former players and current players Nick Swisher, Tommy Lasorda and Bobby Valentine. The midshipmen came prepared in their Dress Blues, wowing every person seeing the presentation. The United States Naval Academy, or the USNA, is located in Annapolis, Maryland, where top students from around the country apply to the vigorous, yet rewarding school. Tuition is free, many life-lessons are learned and after your completion from the academy, you are required to serve either in the Marine Corps or the United States Navy for at least five years.