Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ike to the Mic: Ike Davis to Oakland

    Former Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Ike Davis has reportedly been traded to the Oakland Athletics in a deal that first occurred on November 23rd. The Oakland Athletics now have a starting first baseman, if Ike Davis continues to remain healthy. The full deal was Ike Davis and International Bonus Slot 86 from the Pirates for International Bonus Slot 27. Although the deal was not exactly on the radar by popular websites, many scouts, and general managers knew that Ike would be traded during the off-season.

     The trade seems to be fair, as Oakland received some offense and the Pirates received a top of the line International Bonus Slot. Ike Davis has enjoyed a muffled career, where he either has been as hot as the sun or as cold as ice. Before he was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates this past season, he hit just a hair over .200. However, in a new environment after his departure from the NY Mets, he hit .235, with the Pirates. An accomplishment he said was due to the help of the Pirate's hitting coach and adjustments in his batting stance.

     Ike has proved to be a steady, under the radar player, that's what gives him his motivation for his career. By adapting to a new environment with well known coaches, he will fit in just fine with the Oakland Athletics in 2015!

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