Sunday, September 28, 2014

Go Navy Go!

 The Navy baseball alumni game is officially scheduled. On October 25th, Navy baseball alumni players will come from around the country to gather together for this special game. The Naval Academy is not known for sports, however, they are known for producing thousands of phenoms that have gone on to change the world for the better. Located in Annapolis, MD, the Naval Academy is home to many war veterans who have served in either World War II, Vietnam, The Korean War or in Afghanistan. Please come on out and see the game, I can guarantee that it will be action-packed and memorable not only for the players, but for the spectators as well!

   Newly appointed pitching coach Bobby Applegate will replace former pitching coach Ryan Mau, who is now headed to Longwood University. Applegate came from the University of California Riverside after previously serving on their coaching staff there. A highly regarded coach, Applegate helped make two UC Riverside pitchers achieve their dream, by consistently helping former UC Riverside pitchers Trevor Frank and Eddie Orozco develop skills on the mound that propeld their chanced of being drafted by a major league ball club.

 In other terms, former United States Naval Academy baseball assistant Matt Reynolds has been named the head coach of the Washington University baseball team.

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