Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rags to Riches? The New San Diego Padres in Review

    Out of all 30 MLB teams, hundreds of thousands of fans are ecstatic to catch a glimpse of the new San Diego Padres. Ever since the arrival of new general manager, A.J. Preller, the team has been, " Hyperactive," multiple sources report. With the additions of Will Middlebrooks, Wil Myers, Justin Upton, Matt Kemp, and recent signee, James Shields. The Padres have now played the " Do - or - die" card ( win or lose). Although the Padres have been able to fulfill the positions at which they were initially weak at, they must watch their salary cap. Kemp, Myers, Upton, and Middlebrooks have all proved to have " Gap years," between efficient and non - efficient seasons. Nevertheless, I can't wait to see if the new San Diego Padres will have a disappointing season such as the 2014 NY Yankees ( No disrespect, just that they did not seem to play as well as sources had predicted ), or a miraculous  success story, such as the 2001 Diamondbacks ( WS Winners ).Will the Padres crumble like a cookie, under the pressure, or shine bright like a diamond? That question is yet to be answered.

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