Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Amazin' Steven Matz

  Have a day, Steven Matz!

    The Met's stud rookie proved a few days ago that the Mets have a new star, in all positions. Steven Matz was called up from triple-A, Las Vegas about 4 days ago to make his MLB debut, for the desperate Mets. As Matz took to the field moments before his debut, all his family was present. Yes, his grandpa, dad, mom, sister, etc. This was a special day for the Matz family, but later on, it would be a historic, monumental day as well.

     Matz, pitching against the Cincinnati Reds, gave up his first home-run in the first inning to Brandon Phillips; however, Matz responded to the early home-run by pitching seven innings for the hard-earned win. Not only did he get the "W," but Matz proved he could hit as well. The rookie went 3-3 in his debut,  doubling in his first at-bat, after hitting a long ball over Billy Hamilton's head, a feat not many can accomplish.

    Matz's family was speechless, as this was a big-time performance for an up-and-coming star. However, let's remind ourselves of the talented arms the Mets now have in their starting rotation: Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jacob DeGrom, and now, Steven Matz. Hence, for the first time in years, the Mets seem to be serious contenders for the World Series, starting possibly next year, if all the young, talented arms stay healthy.

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