Wednesday, August 5, 2015

An Interview with the One and Only Tim Dierkes, of

    Tim Dierkes, the founder of the notoriously popular baseball page,, agreed to talk a bit with MLBwithEvered. Tim Dierkes explains how great it was to fill a need for hungry baseball fans, like ourselves, by creating a website, not owned by a major corporation, that provided quick updates and breaking news of the MLB and MILB.Tim has been a fan of baseball his whole life. As a child he was obsessed with the Chicago Cubs and then-star players such as Mark Grace.

1: If you could interview any Hall-of-Famer, who would it be and why?

A:  I'd suppose I'd take the chance to interview Babe Ruth, because he would be opinionated and give interesting answers about how the game has changed.

2: Growing up, did any baseball player or broadcaster inspire you?

A: I grew up a Cubs fan, so I admired obvious choices like Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Kerry Wood, and Sammy Sosa. But I was fully invested, so I was aslo big on guys like Kevin Orie, Brant Brown, Terry Mulholland, Steve Trachsel, Jeremi Gonzalez, Jon Lieber, and Kevin Tapani. I met Jim Bullinger a while bad and I was really excited about it.

3: Did you feel that Brady Aiken was the correct choice as the first overall draft pick, last year?

A: Yes, I think most experts considered him the best player available. Certainly it would have been preferable if teams could have seen his medicals prior to drafting him; perhaps he'd be in an solid organization by now, in that case.

4: I'm usually on at least three times a day, what effect do you think made your website so popular?

A:   I think we stumbled into a niche that needed to be filled, back in 2006 or so. We've always been very quick about putting the latest stories up, which people like and wasn't as easy before Twitter. Even with Twitter, I think we provide a filter so that people can just browse the best-written, most important, trustworthy stories and not have to wade through everything. We are able to add context and analysis by virtue of consuming so much information. As we've grown, we've done more original reporting, which is always good. The fact that we are not owned by a major corporation might be appealing to some people as well, as we have more of an independent vibe.

  Big shout out to Mr. Dierkes and his team at
Not only does Mr. Dierkes provide insightful information about trades that can happen on moments notice, or the trades rumors that continue for over 4 years ( Tulowitzki ). Thank you Mr. Dierkes

   Click here to visit Tim's website.

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